November 11th of every year is:

St. Martin's Day

in San Martin, CA

Saint Martin's Day, also known as the Funeral of Saint Martin, Martinstag or Martinmas, as well as Old Halloween and Old Hallowmas Eve, is the funeral day of Saint Martin of Tours (natively Martin le Miséricordieux) and is celebrated on November 11th each year.

Saint Martin of Tours was a Roman soldier who was baptized as an adult and became a bishop in a French town. St. Martin is most widely known for the cutting his cloak in half and gifting one half to a beggar without a home outside a city's gates. That night, he dreamt of Jesus, wearing the half-cloak and saying to the angels, "here is Martin, the Roman soldier who is now baptized; he has clothed me."

Saint Martin died on November 8, 397, and was buried three days later. That's where we get November 11th as the day of Saint Martin of Tours!